Frequently Asked Question

  • What is V2C Consultant?

    V2C CONSULTANT is a company engaged in Tax Management Services, Accounting, Training, Legal Review, IT Support for Tax Administration, experienced in the field of Taxation and Bookkeeping pioneered since 2005 with the vision of building a Business Partnership Contract to establish Relations and invite the specialist field Tax, Audit, Business Advisor, Legal Advisor and IT Specialist for Together2 contributed best with us.

  • How to register at website ?

    Langkah-langkan cara mendaftar pada website yaitu:

    1. Klik menu login pada pojok kanan atas website
    2. Pilih tombol "REGISTER NOW"
    3. Isi data-data berupa: username, email, no. HP, dan password
    4. Lalu klik tombol register
    5. Cek email anda, dan klik link verify untuk verifikasi akun anda
    6. Silahkan login menggunakan email dan password yang sudah anda daftarkan
  • How many consultations can be done in a week?

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